Featured Author: Buddy McGillacuddy

Utah Girl Chronicles is Buddy's big non-fiction debut. What began as impromptu personal emails to a running friend evolved into an 89,000 word saga about the pitfalls of an online relationship. The story tries to deal compassionately with mental health issues, Atonement, and ultimately forgiveness. It's framed around training for marathons and even ultra marathons. Buddy and Utah girl are accomplished runners. It all innocently began on a popular running message board.


Buddy has a degree in English and Secondary Education from Western New Mexico University. Buddy's teaching career began on a Native American reservation in Alamo, New Mexico and he has gone on to teaching stints in Oregon, Illinois, and Wisconsin. He had a near-full-page article about Craig Virgin published in the March 1973 issue of "Runner's World" when he was fifteen years old. Buddy's entire lifetime has been spent writing -- from a "Charlie Brown" play that he wrote in fifth grade that was acted out by his classmates in front of his hometown community to many short shories that he has penned over the years. 

Buddy is currently working on his next effort, a non-fiction anthology of short stories titled "Flying By My Nuts". Look for that to be released during the summer of 2016!